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Demand Side Response

Improve operational efficiency, uncover new growth opportunities and take control of your energy

Businesses are recognising the need for a more modern way to buy and use energy – one that takes a flexible approach to energy management and leverages the opportunity that a new distributed energy world brings. Demand side response (DSR) is becoming a popular choice for more and more large energy users. It allows them to create added site resilience, rationalise energy costs and generate a new revenue stream by helping the grid balance supply and demand.

See how DSR can help

What is Demand Side Response?

DSR is a way for organisations to unlock value in being flexible in how they use their energy – for commercial advantage. Many large energy users are already using demand side response to help the grid balance supply and demand. The grid pays users for this flexibility – whether it’s reducing energy usage at certain times, supplying energy back into the grid or increasing consumption when the grid has over-supply.

DSR works by connecting your energy assets, the grid and our 24/7 energy management platform. It enables organisations to benefit from how they use energy. It even enables participation in the energy markets – making it possible for you to buy and sell energy as market opportunities arise.

The benefits to your business

  • Transforms your energy management
  • Reduces your consumption in peak periods to cut costs
  • Creates new sources of revenue from your assets 24/7
  • Provides standby reserve when the grid is under pressure
  • Improves site resilience and manages risk through real-time energy asset monitoring
  • Gains insights into operational activity and asset performance